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  • Reflections from the Couch

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    One of the things that happens when someone first starts counseling for the first time is that they have the expectations that things are supposed to feel comfterble. I hope things never feel un-comfterble  for person siting down with the counselor, I hope everyone feels a little bit lighter and exisperinces some symptom relief thanks to feeling understood and respected. The unpleasant truth is the first session rarely has much symptoms “real” counseling just doesn’t work like the Dr. Phil show with all due respect to Dr.  Phil the “real” counseling is done in on the shows is done the interviews that take place before what happens on tv as well as the support given after the away from the audience. The source of my confidence as a counselor comes from the sole fact that I want whoever is in front of me to succeed in life no matter what they have been through or are currently going through. You are looking for someone who understand how emotions work and how to change them and I am there to help you sort out to recalibrate your emotional GPS system so you regain the ability navigate the world with the emotional flexibility that we all need to not just survive but thrive.